Crimea (Ukraine) Yesterday


Some photos taken in Crimea, Ukraine yesterday. Photos are from different sources and are describing the situation as a whole. Also, according to Wikipedia and the Ukrainian census of 2001, the majority of people in Crimea (77% to be exact) are considered to be native Russian speakers. 97% of people of Crimea conduct their daily communications in Russian, so these photos can be understood as somehow sincere.
















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  1. I thought that Russia intervened because of exactions on local population. This seems far from that ! No need for Russian intervention…

    Beside this, “speaking Russian” does not mean “Russian”. And, thanks to Stalin, the achieved numbers are easy. Not sure that the historical inoccupants of the region (the Tatars, until 1945) would agree with you…

  2. 100% of the total population of Mexico speak spanish. Does it mean Spain has to invade Mexico (if it could) in case of a change of the ruling goverment in the country? What Russia has made is unreasonable and illegal, like most part of the things that Putin does.

  3. Why Ukraine has to pay with blood for not wanted to follow the guidelines dictated by Putin and assumed by Yanukovich? Blame Jrushchov for giving Crimea to Ukraine, blame the russian population who are still living in Ukraine (Crimea) and now they realize they don’want to be part of Ukraine any more, but don’t blame the brave Ukraine people only looking for a better future for themselves. Time has proved that being the lapdog of Russia only brings poverty and corruption for the tax payers and citizens in general.

  4. So who was mistreating Russian speakers exactly?? Is Putin saying that he has he right to come to Brighton Beach, New York to defend all the Russians who have emigrated to the USA to escape him?? American Russians would kick his ass out.

  5. “(77% to be exact) are considered to be native Russian speakers” – for eg. Klichko doesnt speak ukrainian – so he should be consider as a part of this majority, shouldn’t he ? Weak manipulation, shame on

  6. Well….those guys are not wearing national insignias.
    When I was serving my country, we were thought to wear national insignias with pride.And we did.
    Those guys are not showing any of them.Concluding on this….is it that they are chickens, hired guns, terrorists,militias or…could be something in-between…. ?
    Enlight me,please.

    • In Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and another heap of modes that has replaced the us under the guise of democracy, Thousands of people killed for resources Kotor corny want to seize American policy) And then fire a single shot, meet with flags and want that would have saved them from the fascist government which lodged in Kiev…. As half Ukrainian, I think that all this is done correctly, and only in the interests of the Ukrainian people…

  7. Where’s all the Molotov-chucking ‘revolutionaries’ now that the big boys have come to play? Hiding in their sin-a-gogs no doubt.

  8. A criminal act authorised by a delusional bully will make the Russian Federation once again a pariah among the civilised nations of the world. This is not over.

      • None of those conflicts generated “millions of deaths” You want to talk megadeath ? How about Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin. Don’t make false equivalencies. Putin is a thug who’s overreached and Russia will regret this

  9. Some questions: Russian economy can to pay one adventure en Crimea? Russian society is ready to sacrifice their life level for it?
    At this moment, the change ratio euro/ruble is 1/50 (and growing); and Russia buy food (specially fresh fruits and vegetables), clothes, technology, etc. in western markets.
    Unhappy situation for russian people if EU and USA starts economic sanctions.
    Russia is not North Korea, Cuba or Iran; the russian people are too much accustomed to occidental life for pay this kind of adventures.

    • Hahaha! USA do something…. yeah, right.
      With barrack bin obama in there, he supports this! He just wanted them to wait until after his election! Remember that? When he told Medved to tell Putin to not start anything until after his election when he’d be more “flexible”…..

      Now you know what he meant!

      • Really? Because Putin was afraid of Bush and the Republicans back in 2008. Palin and Romney kept saying the same shit like they were going to do something about it. What were they going to do? Declare war against Russia? Please, don’t make laugh!

  10. Message to the administrator : thanks for censorship in not publishing my message. It shows that Russia is not up to its claims. I am a faithful reader of the site for years, but Russia is now showing its (really) bad face… I am really sad : seeing an old friend doing a very bad mistake…

    • Crimea became Ukrainian in 1957 when Khrushchev gave it to Ukraine, he didn’t think that there Nazis come to power….

  11. What would you expect them to speak after having been under the thumb of the russians for the past, what? 70 years? Except russian.
    Most of kalifornia speaks “mexican” too, but it’s not mexico.

  12. it’s not 77% of (russians in crimea), it’s 56%
    Nevertheless, they live in Ukraine, so why russian soldiers attack independent country?
    BTW, are russian troops still in Georgia? Before Olympics in Sochi russians crossed ca 10km into Georgia’s border, are they still there?

    • Crimea part of russia, but Hruschev
      gave it to the Ukrainian SSR in the 57th year….. he didn’t think of this before the madhouse’ll go… And so the Russian territory where ethnic Russians live…

    • Unless of course it is US invasion & neo-colonialism, You fail to take into account that the US led the illegal coup in Kiev that ousted a democratically elected government.

      But that’s how the US rolls – democracy is only good if you elect who WE want. And human rights are only important if you aren’t toeing our line – if you are, you can do whatever you want. Just ask the Saudis.

    • You realy known real terrorism? If your house blowing up, with all people inside it s real terrorism…. in this situation russian army never even a shot)

  13. Well done rebjata, nobody can dictate to our tsar Vladimir and our samoderzavie of vors v zakone, what to do!
    And now, let´s to evaporate some of Ukraine’s elite personalities, to avoid possible future problems, bud let’s make it more precious, than we did at Katyn.. Uraaaaa

  14. Is it me or there was some sort of “photo-booth” there with some photogenic soldiers?

    One guy in particular keeps appearing with different “ordinary” citizens in these photos.

  15. The only thing missing (yet) is Crimean Russkies shouting “Heim Ins Reich” in Russian and Putler delivering speech along these lines:

  16. The new Ukrainian “government” decided to revoke a law on minority languages, making native russophones into second class citizens. Crimea is an autonomous republic of Ukraine and has been that since the break-up of the USSR. It would have been all-Russian if Khrushchev hadn’t redrawn the Ukrainian SSR’s borders to include it in 1954. Anyway, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has its own regional government and the republic has a vast russophone majority and a >50% majority ethnic Russians, plus large amounts of Russian citizens. Russia has several large military installations in Crimea as per old agreements, too.

    Anyway, Russia moved in to secure those facilities and make sure that the Ukrainian government doesn’t do anything stupid there. The Ukrainian government then realized what they had unleashed, and canceled the law change, but the outrage it and the regime change itself caused hasn’t diminished yet.

    Russian soldiers will retreat to their installations as soon as the situation in Kiev stabilizes, but the Autonomous Republic of Crimea might ask them to stay there, who knows?

    Hopefully the OSCE and the EU realizes that the Kiev putsch needs to be dealt with properly, so that Ukraine can re-unite as a pluralistic nation.

  17. @czenda, getting emotional and making over the top comments destroys your credibility, and I’ve respected your comments for years.

    • My life is useless. My credibility is destroyed. I devoted all of my life to posting to englishrussia… and now I am trolled out. How will I live without englishrussia? Whiiiiiiine.


    Even the Americans initially called it an ‘Uncontested Arrival,’ not an invasion. Google it.

  19. Who is currently in Kiev? Are Nazis and bandits. Why the residents of the Crimea should obey these bandits?

  20. Soldiers that invade another Country with no insignias on their uniforms are terrorists and should be dealt with accordingly. Traitors to Ukraine in Crimea should also be banished to Russia.

    I have no problem with France, but they would have no right to send an armed incurrsion into Quebec no matter what the circumstances were.

    Putin is a corrupt dictator playing a very high stakes games of poker that may ultimately escalate into an all out war.


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