Abandoned Ukrainian Castle

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The most beautiful castles of Ukraine are probably located in the west of the country. There are many of them: medieval structures and wonderful ruins surrounded by legends and fairytales. But which of them is the best? Some would say it’s the castle in Kemenets-Podolskiy or the one in Podgortsy near Lvov, but the castle Chervonograd must be even better, more beautiful and unusual. It’s the lost city in the Ternopol region and the place of enormous energy and awesome natural landscapes. Ukrainian episode of “Indiana Jones” or “The Lord of the Rings”! The castle in the green crater! Must be the most beautiful abandoned object in Ukraine.

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Pioneers of the 70s at the castle.

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Old pictures of the castle.

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Some interiors.

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  1. The first historical mention of Czerwonogrod date back to ІХ century, when it was the seat of the princes of Rus . He later ruled here Tatars , hospodarze Moldovan , and the ruler of Lithuania . When in the fourteenth century, Lithuanians banished from these lands Mongol – Tatars and built the first wooden fortress , the Dominican Order settled here , building the first missionary monastery . In 1395 , King Jagiello surrendered these lands Poland. In Czerwonogrod intensively developed crafts and trade. In 1434 , the city won the title of the king , and 14 years later, in 1448 , received the Magdeburg law . In ХVII century, the town became the property of the family Danyłowiczów who built the first stone fortress there . In 1615 at the expense of family Lisieckich the church was built here .
    Until 1772 the castle was the headquarters of the district in the province of Podolia and the Republic, until 1772 was also Czerwonogród starosty niegrodowym . After the partition of Polish in 1772 has lost importance , a town in the district zaleszczyckim Austrian partition , then in the province Ternopil Second Republic . In 1778 Czerwonogród became the property of Prince Charles Poninski .
    In 1944, OUN-UPA militias massacred the entire Polish population . Destroyed the palace complex . Preserved up to now only the ruins of one of the towers , the second partially collapsed in 2013 (as the object is further deteriorating ) .
    Quote – alpha.png At the beginning of 1944 – says Kasper Kazimierz Karasowski – I remember coming home to our neighbors Ukrainians : Michael Stachera , Paul Kolb and Paul Wytrykusz who advised my father , Ignatius Karasowskiemu to run away from the village and sought refuge somewhere because the Poles are in danger , also spoke about the blessing of knives and weapons by the priests of the Ukrainian , who encouraged the murder of Poles and their absolution . Describing the war history of the family , Maria Józefowska also talks about leaving their Czerwonogrodu . ” Secretly father came in contact with a trusted friend of our family and the agreed to drive us to Zaleszczyki – it was Ukrainian . The project was very risky for us and for our carrier , we had to break through areas infested by a band ” . [ 1]
    In 2003, in Czerwonogrodu monks lived Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.
    Czerwonogród is also known from the uppermost waterfall on the territory of the former Eastern Galicia [ 2].
    One hypothesis involves the historical origins of origin of the name of the town of Red Ruthenia Czerwonogród [ a] . Currently, this hypothesis has been challenged by historians and researchers point to the red as the actual city from which the name derives from the term ” Red Ruthenia ” .

  2. Those Castles look wonderful, if only they were in a bit better condition and with no graffiti, they could of still be as awe-inspiring as when they were built

  3. That is an interesting history, and hopefully the ancestors of the poles, austrians, and Hungarians, with a little original Oekraieners don,t smash the future of this country. As YOUR enemy,s are waiting for your next fault to torn YOU down.

  4. Thank you for this information, every sentance is interesting, i love history,
    and the place is fascinating. all the best to you!

  5. You forgot to mention that the headline castle, Czerwonogrod, was mostly
    destroyed by the Russians (then the Soviets), removing it from the map of the Ukrainian SSR.

  6. As always, anything noteworthy in western Ukraine is actually Polish. Even the postcards above are in Polish.

    Have Ukrainians actually accomplished anything themselves?


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