6 thoughts on “Ukrainian Revolution On Paintings”

  1. instead of painting, they should go to work and clean the mess after their revolt. As there are western idiots who lend them money its expected to go into a BIG deep hole. What is the price for opportunism with Fascist ideology, Its DEAD.

    • Do you even know what fascism mean, ffs? Russia today is becoming a textbook example. Ultranationalist. anti-liberal, totalitarian, full of hyperbolic politics and social inequalities. The west isn’t fascist, but Putin is pulling his country into that territory.

      • Please stop this hysteria, there is much more freedom in Russia that in Ukraine. You know that you lie.

        This is USA and EU who supported this so called “revolution” and who supports the brotherkilling war in Donbass.

        This is USA and EU who gives enormous amount of money to dramatically corrupted ukrainian government, an we – people of Ukraine becoming slave of the West wich will pay back hudreds of years.

        This is USA and EU who supports ukrainian oligarchs that steal everything that was no stoled by Yanukovich and his precursors.

        This is because of IMF ukrainian people have to pay 2 times more for electricity, 4 time more for gas, and 2 times more for heat. And this is only begging …

        This is because of this fucking revolution and bastards supported by US and EU ukrainian economics is destroyed and grivna lost 400% !!! Our salaries are miserable, can you imagine that teacher that got 250$ an year ago now gets only 70$. But things get only more expensive here.

        If you never been to Russia and everything you know this country is taken from CNN reports and Jon Stewart daily show how can you shout anywhere you go that Russia is an enemy ultranationalist totalitarian country?

        Why you even mention Russia here?

        USA wants to rob my motherland and tell to its citizens that Russia attacks Ukraine, supports terrorists etc … This is same lie that was spread about Iraq, Livia, Syria, Yugoslavia. USA is totalitarian country, and this is american government is full of fascists.

  2. It’s called enterpreneurial effort.

    Capitalism abounds in it.

    With good fortune–and this is sincere–the Ukraine people will use this as a statrting point to a better life.


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