Ex Customs Chief Got Tied on Streets


So if the President of Ukraine has escaped, some of the top officials were less lucky. Please meet one of the Ukrainian customs chiefs who controlled the customs of Karpaty. As has been said, he was caught by the angry crowd next to his office and tied up with sticky tape to a nearby street light. People wanted to get details of the dark operations they suspect customs were involved in.

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12 thoughts on “Ex Customs Chief Got Tied on Streets”

  1. How blind and mind controlled are people to believe that the next president is gonna be better? Really sheeps? I’m sure USA found some oil in Ukraine…..

  2. Ukraine had a corrupt government, corrupt police, corrupt judiciary and probably a corrupt legislature.
    It looks to me like people were fed up with all this corruption and took things into their own hands. We need such a revolution here in the US.
    I admire the Ukrainian people for what they have accomplished. They are a tough and proud people.

  3. I also admire the peoples restraint. If and when such a revolution happens in the US, they won’t be taped to utility poles. They will hang from utility poles.


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