Unusual Soviet Creation: Rocket Launcher 9P116


During the arms race many interesting and unusual vehicles were created. To most of us they look rather strange, however some of them may even astonish specialists. The rocket launcher 9P116 is just one of these.


The helicopter launcher was developed by the ZIL factory and was named ZIL-135V (9З116). For the creation of this vehicle they used the most original and the boldest technical decisions and findings. It was made for the covert delivery of a wheeled vehicle by the air, for deployment in the area of an enemy or in a rough area for a sudden single missile strike.

According to the estimation of the designers, the distance from the take off point of the helicopter to the place of missile launch amounted to 270 km. For transportation of the missile launcher it was decided to use the rigid suspension of a heavy helicopter Mi-10 also known as a “flying crane”. The whole system (helicopter + missile launcher) was named the Mi-10RVK.


9P116 had been developed in the highest secrecy since 1962.



6 thoughts on “Unusual Soviet Creation: Rocket Launcher 9P116”

  1. Mmmmmkay.

    270 kilometers = 167.770222 miles.

    All this hoopla to move a missile 168 miles? At helicopter speeds?

    You’re going to need serious air superiority to keep this slo-mo clown car from being destroyed out of hand, and if you have that, what’s the point of a medium missile strike jumping 168 miles?

    You might as well drive it.

    Please, oh wisdom of the internet, enlighten this poor soul!

    • Really, like USA needs air supremacy to move things around inside it’s own Country! 168 Miles dispersal from missile base is awesome, you try finding missiles spread out that much before they get launched.

  2. liptonius , you have to add the 40km that this thing could travel at 18km/h! 🙂
    Ye, it is a strange solution. It must be also not cheap to produce. 4 22kW electric motors (with active cooling) drive the 4 wheels. The electric power is produced by a gas turbine generator.
    The only thing that comes to my mind is the idea to extend the range of the rocket when one turns the blind eye at the price and other shortcomings of this solution.

  3. If they were to sneak a couple dozen of these medium range missiles 168 miles closer that might mean the difference in hitting NATO troop concentrations that were parked outside of normal missile range.
    Get them pre-positioned and ready for the moment when war breaks out and a quick salvo might end it all before the NATO tanks even leave their “safe beyond range” parking spots.

  4. Hi, Blink! I take your point, but the problem comes with the word “sneak”.

    That huge, noisy, pokey-slow chopper is going to be lit up like a downtown Christmas tree the second it tops the tree line.

    Radar, line-of-sight, and acoustic tools are going to peg that thing.

    It’s just not ‘sneaky’.


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