These Look Familiar


Do you want a Snickers bar? No thanks, I have “Parkour”, it has nuts and everything.

Mars? No, thanks, we have “Maneur”. It even has a soccer ball on its wrapper, checkmate marsophiles.

Milky Way? Not at all. I’ve got “Musicle”. It has some notes for stars.

Nuts? No way!! I have “Fort”! It has nuts! Nuts!

There are some more inside.


This is Nesquik and Mikusha – instead of a squirrel there is a bear (what else!) and it’s not actually a chocolate bar but rather a dairy curd with a chocolate covering.image_7

If you don’t want a Parkour for a Snickers you can get some “Sprint”:05_watermark_5143b9cd7efa6e6b37307b2c_108_24_10_10_se_resize_keep_680_None

The two things compared side by side. It’s full of energy (as it states on a side).


Those are Mini-Parkours.1392899152427

And yes, a bear again.


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  1. Awesome indeed. Thanks for sharing.
    Pictures of Russian Chips, Pretzels and other
    similar foods as well as Russian Mechanical Pencils
    would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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