11 thoughts on “Mercury Is Not Dangerous!”

  1. I hope this guys is right, but waht about the gases? Aren’t these not the most dangerous and feared gases in teh wolrd, because it can kill hours later or something like that? Well, he even licked it and talked afterwards, “We’ve been working with it for almost 20 years and no on had hand injures neither a sickness from it”. Anyways, i hope nothing will happen to him, maybe someone will surpress him?

  2. Let’s see, slurred speech, hand spasms, his partner is filming sideways, and no matter what he claims, I would like to see him in ten years.

    Hat makers used to treat felt with mercury and developed a severe palsy known as “Hatter’s Shakes”, and suffered brain damage, hence the term “Mad as a hatter.”

  3. Breathing in elemental mercury will cause symptoms right away (acute) if enough mercury is breathed in. Symptoms will also occur over time (chronic) if little amounts are inhaled every day. If this occurs, symptoms may include:
    •Metallic taste
    •Difficulty breathing
    •Bad cough
    •Swollen, bleeding gums

    Depending on how much mercury is inhaled, permanent lung damage and death may occur. You may also have some long-term brain damage from inhaled elemental mercury.


    Unlike elemental mercury, inorganic mercury is usually poisonous when swallowed. Depending on the how much is swallowed, symptoms may include:
    •Burning in the stomach and throat
    •Bloody diarrhea and vomiting

  4. I really don’t know.)
    Just touch if you find it is enough… you like to touch mac donald foods… natural metal in natural temperatures is ok…
    I don’t drink piss… and it’s surely no dangerous:)

  5. The felting process for hats used mercuric nitrate, which is considerably more toxic than elemental mercury, and being very water-soluble, its vapors could be absorbed into sweat on the skin, or breathed in and absorbed by the moisture on tissues of the lungs and throat.

  6. Big fight over mercury in the West. Turns out its a main ingredient in a lot of inoculation injections, 50 times safe levels. Its being associated with forms of Autism and other mental problems in kids, and it is also suspected of being part of a program to cause mass infertility and slow population growth. I would treat this “news” report with great suspicion.


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