New Olympic Sports: Skelecurling, Bobathlon and others


Ok while the Olympics are going on, some Russian bloggers decided that time has come to improve the existing olympic sports and created some mash ups. Like for example a Bobathlon – a glorious mix between bobsled and biathlon – bobsled riders equipped with rifles have to shoot targets while speeding down the track. I wonder if they have the skis inside the car as well or not. Then next one is


Skelecurling. It’s pretty obvious as well – a mix up of skeletoning and curling. The curling with a skeleton rider as a stone. How far would this go?

And even some more:


Snowboarding down the bobsled track.


Figure skating combined with ice hockey (women solo players only).2786860

This one is pretty cool: bobsled ski jumping – like a ski jumping but instead of skis they use bobsleds to jump.


Here we can see a complex one – figure skating, curling ski jumping and ice hockey taking place all together in one arena with some pretty complex rules when all the sports interact. And there is also a shooting squad of biathlon guys also.

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