On the Edge of a Dark Pit

Olenegorsk, Russia is like this. A Northern town, with a population of around 20,000, it is much further north than the polar circle. This means that there are times in the year – called Polar winters – when the sun doesn’t rise and doesn’t lighten up peoples lives in the city. This is not the only thing, but now add to this a large, deep mine pit, which looks pretty depressing even at daytime during this air flight around it, but then in winter when it’s all dark and the whole small town is situated on the edge of the primordial dark pit which in size looks like not much smaller than the town itself. Might be a pretty romantic location for some of the Olenegorskians…


The pit there is an iron ore mine, which is really huge and tends to get deeper and deeper as the production continues. If you one day decide to make contact with a local of this place you might want to know that the phone code for the city is +7 81552 – then just add some more numbers and with some luck you can get the story firsthand.

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