22 thoughts on “Nazis as Seen by Russians”

    • You mean when they raped Poland? I don’t think that appears in Soviet history books. I’m assuming here there are history books in the Soviet Union.

    • They are best friends of Psheks, not Russian. Only Russian mistake that they didnt overthrow nazi-sion scum in Britan and USA right after Germans.

      • You are dreaming to think the Russian’s could have taken the USA after WWII. The Atlantic and Pacific would have been logistically impossible to overcome. A fight in Europe who have been to a standstill I believe – the superior Russian army vs the superior USA air force and navy. Interesting

  1. Dead and defeat, when you come home with that message you get no food or drink. But it takes a long way to recognise that you (germans) are losers after all.

  2. I think the title is wrong, In the first picture you got Hitler standing side by side with mussolini!
    The people in the line are 1.Nazigerman soldier 2. i dont know. 3.i agree with trotskij 4.i think its the pope!. the rest is probobly american or brittains!! so the title would be the enemy of the people!!!

  3. There was a lot of different movements and people behind ww1 and 2, technically ww2 was ww1 part 2, as germany tried to take back the territories it lost in ww1, but it is pretty obvious they got very greedy. If you look at the financing, you find many banks from around the world lending the Nazi’s money, and companies selling them equipment (IBM sold them the machines that they tracked all prisoners with, the makers of coke-a-cola sold them Fanta, the whole time they were at war) War is simply to make a few very wealthy people more wealthy. Thats not even going into the Eugenist movement… Good pics, glad someone kept them safe. Its important not to forget how much suffering these wars caused, so we dont repeat the same thing.

  4. This caricature of by the Kukryniksy (Mikhail Kuprianov, Porfiry Krylov, and Nikolai Sokolov) probably dates back from 1936.
    It shows troops and leaders parading by Hitler. (included in the line of Fascist leadership is Trotsky and probably Franco)

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