People Just go and Burn Down BMW X6


If people decided to burn down their neighbors car in Moscow, Russia, then they burn BMW X6 – it’s more expensive and the fire site would be more cinematic. Why did they burn it? Because he parked on their lawn, that’s what they say. Can we see them in real time caught on camera lighting it up? Yes we can, there is a video embedded down below.

Video is long but it shows some action around the car.
Like here some useful times to fast forward:
00:40 Neighbors appear, showing signs of disapproval of the parked car and its owner.
10:20 They start lighting it up.
11:20 Put some flammable liquid on the car.
18:50 A tire blows up.
33:50 (!!) Firemen show up.
41:08 Something blows up in already braised car.

And you know what? It’s not the only BMW X6 burned down recently around here. One more appeared after the first video was made. Here is one more:


7 thoughts on “People Just go and Burn Down BMW X6”

  1. It is a bit exagerated but sometimes the rude drivers deserve such correction. The burning of that kind of car (usually owned by mafia guys) is the expression of the growing hate and rage of ordinary citizen.

  2. I (don’t) wanna live where they live! 33 mins for a firemen response is awesome. Also, how no one notices for 20 minutes that huge smelly smokey fire outside their bedroom window. Also, that no one does anything anyway but get their cars away, despite flames and explosions just meters from them. That’s Wild West grit there!


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