7 thoughts on “Antiterrorist Training Of Russian Soldiers In Ossetia”

  1. People fought for the freedom of a foreign country… And against the genocide of peaceful population as it was in the 90s… Abkhaz polls believe that without the intervention of Russia repeated events would 92-93 years with cutting out whole villages civilians… And thank this kind of guys that defend them…..

    • Whatever you desire… I was in Abkhazia and tolk with the locals. We brought freedom to this land and they are very grateful that Russians and peoples of the Northern Caucasus helped to defend their independence

  2. @sergey
    oh, I know, the famous russian freedom, the blessing upon world (pitty that russians never bother asking the world if it want’s to be “free”).
    I know that very well, you brought your “freedom” in my country for 50 years, and we are still suffering from it.
    you know, what you, russians, call “bringing freedom” is actually called “war” and “occupation” in the history books.

    just to make that loud and clear: in the example of “bringing freedom” brought here, Russia attacked the teritory of an independent country (Georgia), teritory internationally recognized be everybody (including Russia) as belonging to Georgia.
    so, at least please cut the hypocrisy: Russia attacked and defeated Georgia, just to keep it in it’s area of influence. I know is true, YOU now is true, so let’s cut the bs.

    • Georgia has brought freedom Ossetia in 92-93 year) If freedom is killed children, women and old people, it’s better to live under the “dictatorship” of the Russians? Why are interested in Ossetia everybody hates Georgia, but very love Russia? So Russian ready to feed and give to drink the whole village? Probably dictatorship they like…


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