8 thoughts on “Trapped In the Arctic”

  1. It truly amazes me how much equipment is just abandoned all over the former Soviet Union, but that no one has initiated a business, collecting, scrapping, and selling the steel, and other metals that are just laying around for the taking.


  2. Do just as the americans on their and canadian artic border, install AUTOMATIC (from a central point to manage) radarstations. Today its cheap electronics nearly failsafe and you can clean up the sensitive enviroment. Is greenpiss also happy. And RUSSIA can show the world that safety and green thinking is not a western invention. And in the run their are also people with work. A WIN WIN situation FOR US.

  3. All this equipment is now no more than a pile of rusted junk… Sorry I do not have enough money, it was taken of the difficult conditions… it is Possible that some of it is even possible to restore… ZIL 131 and GAZ 66 think is not so poorly preserved….

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