2 Parcel From Wifes Mother: What Should You Expect?

Parcel From Wifes Mother: What Should You Expect?

Some guys are not only happily married but also have very good mothers-in-law. One of those types
of guys shared these pictures to boast of the present he got from wife's mother by post.
castles of ukraine 7
7 Abandoned Ukrainian Castle

Abandoned Ukrainian Castle

The most beautiful castles of Ukraine are probably located in the west of the country. There are many of them: medieval structures and wonderful ruins surrounded by legends and fairytales. But which of them is the best? Some would say it's the castle in Kemenets-Podolskiy or the one in Podgortsy near Lvov, but the castle Chervonograd
must be even better, more beautiful and unusual. It's the lost city in the Ternopol region and the place of enormous energy and awesome natural landscapes. Ukrainian episode of "Indiana Jones" or "The Lord of the Rings"! The castle in the green crater! Must be the most beautiful abandoned object in Ukraine.

9 Russian Olympic Prize Winners Get Mercedes Cars

Russian Olympic Prize Winners Get Mercedes Cars

At the Sochi Olympics Russia won 33 medals and our sportsmen and women were given 45 new "Mercedes" cars. Each car had the name of its owner on it. "Golden" champions got keys for off-road GL class cars, whose
price starts from 160,5 thousand dollars, winners of silver medals got ML class cars (93 thousand dollars), and winners of bronze medals were given cars of the GLK class (65,1 thousand dollars).
1 Famous Caricature Faces

Famous Caricature Faces

A talented illustrator Alexander Novoseltsev creates bright and funny caricatures of famous people. It
seems he applies some photo manipulations but he does not. He makes his works manually on a computer.

4 Visiting Presidential Candidates of Ukraine

Visiting Presidential Candidates of Ukraine

Right now we are going to visit the apartments of the most probable Ukrainian presidential
candidates - Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Oleg Tyagnibok and Vitaliy Klichko. How and where do they live?

3 Buran And Energia: Old Soviet Booklet

Buran And Energia: Old Soviet Booklet

Pages of an advertising booklet devoted to the reusable space rocket complex "Buran"
and the launch vehicle "Energia". It's rather interesting to see them today.
4 We Are All Just Like This (Sometimes)

We Are All Just Like This (Sometimes)

People tend to be funny. Not just Russian or German or Polish - in any country you might find the
moments in lives of people when you can laugh. So this is our new collection from the Eastern block.
7 One Horsepower Russian Chainsaw

One Horsepower Russian Chainsaw

Most inventive people live in countryside. And here's one more
proof. Maybe this chainsaw is not so powerful but rather reliable!
7 Crocodile as a pet? Bad bad idea!

Crocodile as a pet? Bad bad idea!

Sergey Falkov from Irkutsk, Russia, has always been interested in crocodiles. He was very happy when he bought one in Africa and could bring him home to Russia, but today his life under the same roof with the
crocodile is far from ideal. Recently he has been made by the reptile to live in only one room while he has two rooms in his flat. The second room is fully under control of the crocodile Tuzik.
10 Russian Supercar Marussia

Russian Supercar Marussia

Maybe some people still doubt but Russia has its own supercars. This post is about one of them called
"Marussia" - the product of the project that despite many obstacles keeps developing and expanding.

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