23 thoughts on “USSR Attacks America!”

  1. DON,T YOU EVER underestimate your enemy,s. They have nazi german technology, unmanned drones, smart bombs Gps an laser steered. So you MUST beat them on this, and very handy a lot of americans (with their weapons) who are on your side. And the help from other people WHO are on RODINA,S side.

  2. Great modeling skills and excellent attention to detail….not to crazy about the theme though…I’d be interested in hearing from this modeler…. and discussing technique……thanks, Dave K, Woodbridge, Va.

  3. great composition and execution.

    However, this will remain merely an interesting display of artistry.

    Again,kudos to the artist–a truly neat job.

  4. Good luck with that. At least for now, just about everyone in America has a GUN. One of the reasons Japan said they would never try to invade America.

  5. I guess America must be caught sleeping for Russian tanks to land here. This is such wishful garbage dreaming by the eternally inferior-minded soviet retrograde mentality.

  6. Very good attention to detail – lots of work in this clash of Titans. A point worth mentioning is that Imperial Russia supported the American Revolution. During the American Civil war years Queen Catherine asked the English to stay out of the war and so would Russia. America and the Soviets needed each other to have an arms industry. The point is to sell weapons and make money not use them on each other. The game goes on. Now Russia has some good civil aviation aircraft at affordable prices – trucks look good too.

  7. Nice that we don’t need to worry about this happening to either side now. I grew up in the cold war era…not a fun time for either side I can assure you! I wish the US and Russia could get along better; I dream of the day that Russia and the US could share military interests and assets.

  8. Hm

    at first -HEAVY TANK with VERY long barell,fighting in a smal streets of city!!????

    at second- HOW long live the winners of the SOVIET soldiers-
    in a contaminated atmosphere ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Soviet IS-7[?] or another tanks –Chieftain , Tiger I and II – is good for fight in a OPEN SPACE!


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