9 thoughts on “Restless Ukrainian Night”

  1. If the western regimes succeed in this violent colour revolution take 2.0 and manage to divide the country, Next stop for McFaul,NED,McCain and Co will be Russia proper.

    Apparently , for regime changes and imposing western puppets in Eastern Europe nowadays, neo-nazis and fascists will serve as the Wahhabi muppet throat slitters does in Syria.

  2. No matter how violent and backwards medieval these fascists hooligans and insurgents goes, Berkut and the police still wont fight them and give them and their western masters what they want. Incredible patience and professionalism!

    But, since they are following Gene Sharp´s CIA handbook to the letter, next step will be to create martyrs by other means and that is shooting and sniping their own and blame the democratically elected “regime”. Guns has already been found and one police has been shot dead. Are you proud?

  3. There are a lot of Ukrainian-Canadians in my part of Canada; it is maybe the 4th biggest ethnic group here. So we all follow what happens in Eastern Europe.

    I am a big supporter of the right to demonstrate peacefully. These protests are not peaceful.

    However the Yanukovich government previously too far in suppressing peaceful protests, even imprisoning peaceful opposition leaders. So what options do freedom loving people have?

    Hopefully the Yanukovich government will stop silencing and persecuting the opposition and hopefully protesters will revert to being peaceful again.

    • These protests are not peaceful because they were never intended to be. The protests in my country were not peaceful, and those protesters claimed they were suppressed by the regime just like the Ukrainians, even though the police did not react to their hooliganism (when they finally reacted the regime was declared fascist) and they controlled most of local media where those protests were followed daily.

  4. It sickens me that the west is backing these fascists. Yanukovich isn’t a good person, but neither are the protesters. Ukrainian people need to stand up and take their country back from these people.

  5. It seem odd that the Ukraine ans Russia do not regard entry into the EU as a great opportunity to increase trade with the rest of Europe and provide a conduit for the many products you feature in this Photo-blog. There would be a huge market in the West.

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