8 thoughts on “Do Not Honk to Me!”

    • That’s the very reason I always carry a gun AND a taser. These baseball bat swinging idiots would have gotten a nice surprise, ha, ha, ha

  1. The guys in the Lada could be a littlebit less aggressive o.k. but they were driving normal as opposed to the short fused but whipe of a driver showing us the “unfair violence” done to him. Why must he drive 100 where only 50 is allowed. He got what he deserved, he should know he is not the only one on the road. But that’s a common problem of most Russian macho drivers.

  2. I had to giggle when i saw this, well, first u probably shouldn’t be driving like a nutcase unless its an emergency.. if those guys had jumpped out at me i would have said “quickly i have to get to the hospital!!!!” and driven off. 🙂 The british did a study on road rage last year, the results were, that on their roads, the worst candidates for road rage were drivers of blue Bmw’s. Not sure how they came to that. Here in Australia, Road rage at the traffic lights happens often, a few years ago, one guy cut another guy off in the lane next to me, in return the guys in the other car took a stering wheel lock and crow bar to his car for 20 seconds, the lights changed they hopped back in their car and drove on…

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