5 thoughts on “Flying Over the Autumn Glades”

  1. Interesting that all these flying machines are of American manufacture. The helicopter was built by Bell in Hurst, Texas. The Cessna 182 was built in Wichita, Kansas and the low-wing Mooney was built in Kerrville, Texas – about 100 kilometers from where I sit.

  2. A bell 206, and a piper cherokee. Do you know that after WW2 former nazi,s were given jobs in the same factory,s. such as walther dornberger. Joke I suppose.

  3. This helicopter is not USA BELL industries, but the Italian AGUSTA. This Model is AGUSTA-BELL AB206C1. The Aircraft Flying in the ITALIAN ARMY AVIATION with the tail code EI 522 MM 80583 c/n 9006.

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