12 thoughts on “Snow Has Fallen? High Time to Lay Asphalt!”

  1. Well, there is a compaction problem when paving in the winter (especially Russian winter) because when temp falls below 10 degrees it is harder to get compaction because asphalt cools too fast and doesn’t allow the aggregate to move as freely which prevents the aggregate to fill air voids as good as it should. But you can pave even at -20 or below, only not big projects like streets or roads but smaller projects like patches because it is small and not as much to gain compaction on. But if you use IR heaters the winter is not a big problem. On the pictures looks like they are paving smaller streets and patches, so it’s OK.

  2. well, at least you do the deicing and the asphalt work all in one go, very efficient. … also, is there ever no snow in Russia??!! ;P

  3. Why they douing that? This asphald stand 1-2 seasons, and guys from goverment can do this again, more money, more fanny)) Corruption work….

  4. this is just stupid , everywhere in the world they stop big paving projects in the winter and russia is like, i dont give a shit 😛 we will do it anyway just to kill some tike or something.

  5. What’s worse, they’re virtually painting the sandy road with asphalt. There’s NO way this will ever result in anything decent other then a photo from the moment it was paved.

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