9 thoughts on “Fighters Go to Kiev to Drive Protesters Away”

  1. Ukrainian “Nationalists”, Fascists and Papists dying to get under the €U super-state boot for hand-outs while running around with anarchistic flags(!). Jeez, if that is the level of intelligence the rest of Ukraine not-so-dying-to-sink-with-the-Titanic´s, have nothing to fear.

    • Riot police from “Berkut” were on way to Kiev to help suppress Ukrainians demonstrating against their corrupt Russian-puppet government when ordinary citizens tried to block the police convoy with their personal vehicles. Police were only delayed but in the end the entire effort to suppress the demonstrators failed because ordinary Ukrainians would not willingly again submit to the heel of tyrants.

  2. Berkut Fail. Yanukovych Fail. Corruption Fail. Oligarch Fail. Putin Fail. Propaganda Fail. Russian Lies Fail. Ukraine Wins. Your argument is invalid.

  3. I agree with pasha’s statement.
    Actually Putin would love to do with Ukraine what he can do with Belarus. Just having puppets he can control.
    I really think only Ukrainians should decide for their future, not a foreign government.
    Yesterday “Putin Jong Il” started to threaten other countries… Nice. I hope one day Russians will be strong enough to kick this tyrant out.

  4. so go away and live in the EU, who stirs?
    ps assimilate??? how to assimilate, if the Russians and Ukrainians – one nation? just now divided by “strange” borders?
    pps I missed something? or were offered to Ukraine to join the EU?or at least promised to adopt in future?


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