19 thoughts on “Away With Lenin!”

  1. About time. No one should forget Holodomor – genocide, that the Soviet-Union commited in Ukraine during 1932-1933. During this man-made famine 2,3-7,5 million ukrainians starved to death.

  2. Tanto daño que hicieron este hijo de puta y sus secuaces con esa ideología de mierda que tanto daño a echo al planeta

    • That doesn’t even make sense. Which past are they destroying? The one that came in and took over and tried to destroy them?
      Maybe, by destroying this “past”, they can reclaim their OWN past, and make a better future?
      Even destroying their future, is better than worshiping Lenin for god’s sake.
      Would you say the same thing, if the Germans destroyed a statue of Hitler? I think not.
      I hate it when people try to sound so profound, and say something really stupid, and unrelated to what’s actually going on.
      You may have well said “Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are better than steak and eggs for breakfast”. It has about the same meaning, and is just as “profound” here.

  3. This Kiev protest is obviously a coup started by Westerners (in particular Germans, who’ve had Ukraine in their sights since the 30’s, if not earlier), and every person who believes that these protesters are not bums and teenage good-for-nothings who would offer you their ass on a plate for five bucks and a bottle of vodka, is a complete and utter moron. The destruction of one of the finest men on Earth, Lenin, is obviously a provocation towards Russia. All of you Zionists who get paid by the CIA or MI6 or heaven knows what else to promote the propaganda of Lenin being worse than Hitler and that the destruction of his statue is good, you will end up like that degenerate who died on stage in the middle of his “Lenin is a moron”-act. You degenerates will feel what assholes you are when the west, USA and Germany leading the bunch, attacks Russian and Ukraine (hey, it’s all part of World War III), loses miserably (like they lose every century, since the times of the Teutonic Order) and will be put on a world trial for war crimes. We’ll see who will be laughing like a smug Mephistopheles then, asshats.

  4. Tipikus unintelligens, idiĂłták. Annál a nemzetnĂ©l bajok vannak amely nem tud egyĂĽttĂ©lni a törtĂ©nelmĂ©vel, kĂĽlönben meg a “csĂşnya” kommunisták rángatták ki a feudalizmusbĂłl egĂ©sz kelet eurĂłpát.

  5. Good on them. Lenin betrayed and destroyed the Ukrainian Insurgent Army of Nestor Makhno. If only Makhno’s ideas were on the rise again instead of nationalism this time. (A)

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