5 thoughts on “Performance of Soldiers Goes Wrong”

  1. Most likely the wood was not dry, as it was cut just recently. Then it is very flexible and due to this it is hard to break it.
    Next time learn about your tools 😀

  2. This is what they treat as the courage. No patriotic attitude required. Highly demanded capability to maintain democracy in own homeland. Culture of the single-celled creatures. You may watch them in Kyiv these days

  3. Exactly why they use PROPS.
    This is much like those guys that break wood with their fists etc…. I used to do that when I was a little kid with scrap lumber. Breaks really easy along the grain. When I six or so, I thought I was really strong because I could break half in thick boards! Boy did *I* learn a lesson later!! Much like this guy just did!


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