Assault On the Presidential Executive Office In Kiev

Акция сторонников евроинтеграции Украины

Just yesterday Bankovaya Street in Kiev became the place of mass demonstrations. A group of young demostrants even used a tractor to reach the presidential executive office but failed. However they didn’t give up and started throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the policemen. The last ones were replying with gas grenades and sound bombs. Nothing has ended yet, by the way…


5 thoughts on “Assault On the Presidential Executive Office In Kiev”

  1. Those demostrants arrived to the area on police cars. A bit strange, isn’t it? it’s another attempt to convice us that demostrants are violent people and all that things likes so much to Yanukovich. As gay parades done with alcoholic persons. I can’t believe this can be true nowadays.

  2. troops are like OMON in russia, if fight wont stop government send troops which end all, in russia police beat so long that moving stop, i see in russia man shaking like crazy and police beat with baton so longtime that all body shaking end. and when omon comes they beat everyone who stand up doesnt matter are you elvis or jesus christ. crazy life

  3. what you are about to see is true life of the humanity. Thats why i am not against war. As long people cant live in peace in theyr own country with eachother,…peace wont come…..destroy all weapons, they will kill each other with rocks,….Einstein was right,.


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