3 Aircraft MiG 31E

Aircraft MiG 31E

This special version of MiG-31 was built In the beginning of the 90s. It is intended to intercept
and destroy air targets at low and high altitude, in any weather conditions, day and night.

9 Round About the Olympic Park

Round About the Olympic Park

Flying over the Olympic park - one of the two
clusters of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.
2 Night On the Mars

Night On the Mars

If the Mars had cities and was inhabited by humans, the Martian night landscape could
look like this... But for now it's just an amazing night at the Crimean saline...
3 Most Famous Russian Baths

Most Famous Russian Baths

Sandunovskiye baths are the most famous Russian baths, they appeared in Moscow in 1808. It was the second Moscow construction after the Kremlin illuminated by electric lamps. The baths had their own power station, their water was of the highest
quality - artesian one. The baths employed 400 attendants andhad a restaurant, hotel and even a pet shop. We are going to visit one of the baths' section - man's one, it's the only section that still looks in the original way.
1 Old Temple In Abkhazia

Old Temple In Abkhazia

Mokva temple in Abkhazia is a wonderful and very old place. It was built in the third quarter of the X
century by Abkhazian King Leon III (955-957). The last restoration of the temple was made in 2002.
3 Tired Birds

Tired Birds

It was one of the oldest Russian airports (built in 1933) and it closed in 2011. Its planes are not used anymore, they
are simply stored on its territory. It's more than easy to come to them and take as many shot as you wish.

0 Modern Cement Factory

Modern Cement Factory

Photos from the modern factory making cement listed among the ten largest ones in
Russia. It was founded back in 1907, see how it looks and works today.
5 Really Angry Bride

Really Angry Bride

The girl who was sitting to the right wanted to do a pee, the one sitting to the
left asked her to wait but the bladder of the first girl didn't listen...

1 In the Russian Wonderland

In the Russian Wonderland

This place in the Kaluga region is like a wonderland full of alien structures. It attracts many
visitors who wish to move away from reality for awhile. Maybe you'd like to join them.
9 Infiltration to Pripyat

Infiltration to Pripyat

A group of guys from St. Petersburg wanted to visit Pripyat under cover of the night with no guides and someone's control. They wanted to see the
abandoned buildings, to enter any of them and to observe the wild nature swallowing the city. Pictures of their journey are inside the post.

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