17 thoughts on “Another Forest Full of Abandoned Equipment”

  1. I hope somebody looks at those electronics, with the right stuff, you could make some pretty good money selling them. NIXI tubes are in high demand. Tubes in general too, good ones.

  2. Why is there so much abandoned equipment in Russia? Is it because there was no significant profit potential for the oligarchs that seized all the state assets?

  3. You can recycle all parts of everything standing and build new from it and giving a lot of people a lot of work.Also you have a cleaner forest wich you can walk with your children.

  4. I still can’t imagine how on earth can anybody leave such expensive equipment just to rust in grass :/. Russia is reaaallllyyyy rich country I suppose.

  5. Guys guys.. By definition 95% of military equipment will not serve its purpose (and that’s a good thing, war is hell). The only difference from western world countries is that Russia is probably not very good at recycling.

  6. Some of those 8X8’s look like mobile antennas. Stop truck, deploy antenna. Obsolete and if you buy a new one its probably better to buy a new one for your expensive antenna then put your multi million dollar radar on an old truck. Cant imagine why no one has taken more stuff. Arent those missiles made of aluminum?

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