3 thoughts on “Sand Barchans In the Midst of Snow”

  1. Enigma Global by A.Oscar (The world we are in now)
    For some may be crassness what I’m going to saying now: Russia happened to be a beautifully country with various contrasts, but the accord to my researching around the others countries, the world must be total differently a few thousand or millions of years. The land marks to do with water erosions; mast be more water then land in the past. We found the prehistoric animals bones in every continent of the world. For this matter Russia mast has had other types of climate: like are there Mammoths and many kinds of animals in Russia from tropical places. The sand his made of erosions by the water: special the ocean because constantly with waves against sure to convert rock into sand, for this matter those beautifully photos of such banks of sand must be of what I just mention. Russia having all kinds of land mass: which in the world we don’t find with some idea just what I describe how the world may used to be. Now seems like the world going to change again in the similar forms: which humans going to suffer because the human greed. We having many volcanism in great numbers: which do not give any idea to the scientist why: also the storms are more violent, and rain or snow tend to be increasing has time progressing, also earthquakes and big craters in many countries, like USA over 11 meters wide engulf houses and cars, around the world too. Why human beings do not going to reflecting about such atrocities: and having a few reunions to discussion for not let vanish life in general.
    30/11/2013 By A.Oscar

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