16 thoughts on “Gay Pride Parade In Kiev”

  1. These chess-pawns of western geo-political gambling are obviously & mainly “ordinary” western Ukrainians. The €USSR, however, put conditions, specially for former bankrupt Sovjet & Warsaw pact members about to loose their sovereignty to that neo-liberal Borg collective. In Serbia, still ruled by 1.800 western NGO´s and their quisling cult-regime,it is, not only accepting NATO occupation of KosovO, but also those “gay parades” (Jimmie Savile honorary squad) 79% of the people are against. This crowd must have got the message. Even if the hate depravity and perverts as much as any eastern european, they are willing to sacrifice it for becoming third class “untermenschen” as beggars on the street of the sinking €USSR/Titanic…

  2. I think this is a fake protest. If you see the photos, you see flags from the Klitschko political party that is one of the most important party for the next elections.
    Maybe they are poor persons and they were paid to appear for Ukrainian people think “look the gays and how they are, and look their political party”.

    • Ok, I admit that I organized this.

      Now pay me all your shekels or find yourself on a FEMA bus to Los Alamos.

  3. Gay lobbye has much money from foreign sponsors.

    These people were paid for demonstration.
    They are not gays. They were in the street for money.
    Everybody know that in Moscow.

  4. I get a feeling that somebody paid 100 grivna to all the old people and to unemployed people to come out and parade! But then again, I don`t know much….


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