6 thoughts on “Disposal of Old Stuff In Russia”

  1. It’s sort of a shame, really. Most of those old things have so much character compared to the electronics of today. Plus, those radios are all short wave receivers. At least in the US, that is a rare feature to find, and almost impossible to find in a car radio. I do have to wonder though if the former USSR still uses a lot of short wave, due to the long distances involved.

  2. Wow, we still have in our house (in Romania) stuff like that: Uralets and Raketa vacuum cleaner (Raketa is made for 110V a.c.), Selena radio and a 1967 Zil refrigerator. They all work. Even the lightbulb in the refrigerator is original. Great Soviet stuff, made to last.

  3. Well considering i was around that type of business for a few years i yes Osip i would say either they just need a new one that day because there old one broke 🙂 or they got a new one out to look good for the picture .. all the ones i ever saw where beat to hell marked up ect ect..

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