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  1. Ghastly times.

    Ghastly people.

    Ghastly deeds.

    I hear people today who speak of their unbearable hardships, and I know that they do not know.

    And I pray that they will never know.

  2. Terrible times for the Soviet People and Leningrad residents in particular. Although I feel great sympathy for all those directly involved in WWII, I cannot forget what happened to Poland in the hands of Ribbentropp and Molotov’s treaty to dismember it. As we say in the USA: What goes around, comes around.

    • Ok, so what exactly happend in Poland? Was it betraied by Germany, UK, France etc? Was polish agressive state “demounted” and for some time there was no fear for Soviet people? Were people liberated from polish “pans” and their “not a poljak or not a catholic = not a citezen” policy? Were old russian lands returned into the boundaries?

      • What happened in Poland? 1. the Soviets collaborated with the Nazis to split it up. 2. The Soviets invaded. 3. The Soviets executed and exiled thousands of Poles. 4. The Soviets occupied E. Poland until their buddies, the Nazis attacked and drove them nearly to Moscow.

        • What EXACTLY happened in Poland? 1. Psheks collaborated with Nazis. 2. Psheks invaded Czhekhoslovakia in 1938. 3. Psheks invaded Russia in 1920, executed Russian POW. 4. Psheks supressed and executed Belorussian and Ukrainian peoples on occupied territories.
          So, there is nothing to regret. USSR attacked those Nazi cowards and drow them to their lands. It’s not the Russian problem that Polish lands was already conquered by Germany.

        • The Soviets invaded which country? What are you talking about (do you know?).

          The Soviets did not occupy East Poland. This is a lie!

    • What goes around comes around you say in the USA eh. Pray that not to be the case, because if its a universal rule, with all the USA been doing not in one country, but around the whole world for the past over 50 years… you will know terrible times like no one in the human history.

      • And I think it is truly coming to America. God will punish it for all it has done to other countries. As for Poles, they were cowards who collaborated with Nazis, they should have been killed along with them.

    • Sure, really. Leningrad was blocked by finish troops from the north. “Doroga zhizni”(The road of Life) was constanly atacked and in the danger of being cut by finish troops. So – really, be sure.

      • Finland’s original border crossed the Karelian Isthmus north of the city, so the Finnish Army occupying its own territory isn’t exactly “blocking” anyone.
        Only the Soviet revisionists hold the opinion that the Finns attacked the Ladoga ice road. Those that were there first hand as well as Marshal Mannerheim himself recount that Finland barely had resources to hold their own territory, let alone mount any further assault on Leningrad.

      • To be more exact: those Finnish troops “blocking Leningrad to the north” were actually in their own country.
        Soviet revisionists are the only ones who claim that Finnish forces were attacking the ice road. Mannerheim’s memoirs and first hand accounts will tell you that Finland barely had the means to defend its own territory, let alone mount an assault on Leningrad.

    • Creative Russian history writing indeed. During the siege the Finns stayed on their side of the pre-war border. If only the Soviets had “besieged” them in the same way.

      • Yea, sure. Dumb Finns was unable to break Leningrad defense from the north, now they claim that they was sit on their “own” territory. Thats your trustful European history today? In that case I recomend you to refresh your brains with more than one book.

        • That’s a factual story backed up by more than your Sovok revisionist history. Besides, after creating 100,000 Soviet orphans, we Finns had enough. Unlike you Sovoks.

  3. There was a lot of suffering, and great courage here. No doubt about that.
    But part of it was Stalin’s “collapse” during the early part of the attacks. For at least two weeks, he said nothing, did nothing.
    And part of it was simply not letting the citizens leave, the city with his/Lenin’s name on it. Basically, people were sacrificed, to show the Germans they’re willing to stand up to them.
    They could have allowed people to leave, but didn’t.
    In the end, Stalin played Europe, and the US, like a fiddle. He accomplished, what Hitler couldn’t.
    He waited for people to become desperate, then came in to “help them” only if they agreed to become part of his soviet bloc later. (Warsaw is a good example). He just sat by, while thousands of people died at the hands of the Germans, until they gave into him.
    Generally, I like the Russian people, but it’s hard to like their politicians/politics.

    • Stalin was not Russian. In fact very few of the communist oligarchy were. Churchill was responsible for the debacle at Gallipoli and was quite partial to paying for you know what in his youth. Funny how history is portrayed on TV.

      • Stalin is the only one whom Russian people like. I sure you better choose Eltsin because he is a traitor to Russians. I like you people but it’s hard to like your Nazi politicans/politics.

  4. Finnish forces? Nope. The Finnish forces never besieged Leningrad. Please get your facts straight. Well, Russian and Soviet history writing has always been “creative”.

  5. For those who don’t know anything about what happened in 1939…

    Educate yourselves!!!

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