3 thoughts on “The School of The Socialist Past”

  1. …seems to have been centered around various educations and learning and practical sciences of various natures. We hear the word labor, and immediately associate with sweatshops like wealthy Americans buy into all over the place, but this seems to be an expansion of various learning offered into the everyday housewife’s and mothers life. The place seem to have received a good trashing, and one cannot judge the undercurrents of the times, less they lived trough these, but judging from the remnant appearances, it was a place of brushing up and advancing in learning and practical applications such as leaning dentistry.The west is way to focused on titles and certifications these days. Most of such people do not know anything about the practical side of life, since there is an overabundance of experts convoluted issues with highly cerebral polished antics….So today in the west most people do not realize that auto-mechanics have to have a library of tools to work on differing cars and or specialize in a specific make of a car, while its owners do not know how to change their own oil. Academics seems to have a talent to be as useless as dirty politics is to good laws, unless sound reasoning or practical skill are to accompany either or. I have learned first hand, in times of desperation’s, such a people descend like vultures upon ones skilled stores, expect every raiding and looting victim to play little Jesus now, and forgive and forget any harm and lasting injury done, and fork cheerfully over all the know-hows, of face the gauntlets of the runts of the ” Zionist DE Rothschild fostered litters”. Such a society is hard to view through humane eyes at times….

  2. And this is what obama the lawless, is trying to foist upon the American people. A failed system, and this is a good example of it. And a good example of what’s to come.

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