4 thoughts on “Days And Nights of Altai Mountains”

  1. The page reads “Click here for all pictures on one page,” but there’s no link, nor does anything happen when I select that text. I’ve stopped recommending this site to friends because every article goes on for page after page after page.

    • That’s because it’s a joke. They have no intention of doing that. Doing so, would take away revenue from the advertisements. More pages, more revenue.

      I don’t blame you, I have done the same thing. I don’t come here nearly as much, so they’re getting even less revenue now.

  2. So, gentlemen…

    Have you stopped to consider just how stupid your suggestions make you look?

    Page after page, James – What’s the difference between one page with 100 pics that takes forever to load, and 10 pages of 10 pics that load quickly (and don’t cause browser crashes.)

    And Fred – If you are right, and the idea is to have visitors see more pages with ads, and not having the single page means less visitors, don’t you think the owners will have realised that, and NOT done something that clearly (according to your infinite wisdom) is driving visitors away and reducing revenue?

    If they merely want lots of revenue, and are keen to get it, then at least one of your ideas must be srong


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