7 thoughts on “Eid al Adha In Russia Yesterday”

  1. Page 23, happy post-medieval peasants dragging an innocent animal to have it´s head chopped off.
    Im stunned as to how a modern civilized society like Russia can allow this to happen? I know they banned it in Moscow but animal sacrifice? still? Im a Veggie BTW. The pictures should be allowed into the west to make people see that f.ex. “freedom fighters” (Wahhabis on western/Saudi payroll against whatever “enemie” De Jour)makes no distinction between “infidels” (anyone NOT a Wahhabi) and defenceless innocent animals.

    • This has nothing to do with Wahabis this is an Islamic ritual and why do you care anyway? you’re a vegetarian! so all your opinions are bound to be biased.

  2. It looks like Russia’s chickens have come home to roost. Russia now inherits all it sowed during the Soviet period. There is no love lost between Muslims and non-Muslims in Russia.

  3. And women’s equality? Not one here in all those photos. Don’t they trust them, or themselves? Yet civilized, intelligent people have no problem with genders mixing respectfully. Why so different for Islamics? I think they have an insurmountable cultural problem.

  4. i love respectfull of live, muslim , christian, and other. would have respect to each other. to build a strong bond in humanity.and makes life in each nation become peacefully and honorable.

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