Laser Gun For a Soviet Cosmonaut

Laser Gun For a Soviet Cosmonaut

The first weapon that flew to space was a Makarov gun that was part of a survaval kit of Yuri Gagarin. Since 1982 it was replaced by a specially developed three-barrel gun – TP-82. It could be required for survival or self-defence in conditions of an abort landing.

Laser Gun For a Soviet Cosmonaut

Meanwhile the first American weapon in space was a classic knife for survival that was named Astro 17 and resembled a legendary Bowie knife.

In 1984 to protect manned orbital stations and long term manned stations the Soviet Military Academy developed a really phantastic weapon – a fiber laser gun.

The main requirements to the weapon were a small size and ability to destroy optic systems of an enemy.

The main elements of the laser gun (as any laser) could be active medium, a pump source and an optical resonator. But it was subsequently decided to replace active medium with fiber optics elements. Disposable pyrotechnic electronic flashes were used as a source of light pumping.

Лазерный пистолет космонавта. Сделано в СССР
The laser beam of the gun maintains its burning and blinding effect at the distance of up to twenty meters.

Laser Gun For a Soviet Cosmonaut

Based on the laser gun with a pyrotechnic flash light there was designed a laser revolver with a drum magazine. Its creators announced the ability of the revolver to convert into a medical tool if necessary.

Laser Gun For a Soviet Cosmonaut

All experimental works were done manually. They were about to start serial production of the flash lights for the gun however the conversion of the defence industry put an end to the project.

Laser Gun For a Soviet Cosmonaut

Today this wonder weapon may be seen at the Museum of the Strategic Missile Forces of the Military Academy named after Peter the Great in Moscow.


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  1. Another useless product from the Soviet Union. Who were these cosmonauts going to encounter in space since it it so difficult to rendezvous with another spacecraft? Stupid stuff.

  2. If you botherd to read the article instead of just making stupid comments without any merits you would know the guns purpose was for the event of an aborted launch or if they landed somewhere they wasent supose to.

    • Lighten up, Francis. Why not just bring an actual pistol for that? They just brought this fake ray gun because it looked cool with the suit.

      • Why not a real gun? Well, just imagine an astronaut shooting a conventional projectile in microgravity – reactional force would at least cause transfer of momentum and made the shooter spin if he held the gun properly (aiming). If an astronaut wouldn’t want to start to spin, he’d have to hold the gun around the center of mass, he’d be just accelerated backwards – well, great – all the recoil goes to the stomach, not mentioning difficulties in aiming.
        So – shooting shell ammo in microgravity is at least difficult. Now imagine you have a laser, which gives almost no recoil, since there’s no need to accelerate bullet and reaction force is therefore absent. Makes sense now?
        So Russians do tend to have good ideas, don’t they?

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