3 Soviet Helicopter Yak 24

Soviet Helicopter Yak 24

Yak-24 ("Horse" according to the NATO classification) is a twin engine, tandem rotor transport
helicopter developed in the USSR. Inside this post you may see detailed pictures of its exterior.
3 Abandoned Arctic Objects

Abandoned Arctic Objects

After the war America was the major enemy of the USSR and the Arctic was the place through which ran the shortest way from America to Russia for submarines, planes and cruise missiles. Strategists of that time
were preparing for the third world war and the Arctic could become the main battle-ground of that war. That's why this place has many interesting objects which for the most part are abandoned today.

5 Making Stuff From Fish Skins

Making Stuff From Fish Skins

This unique technology of curring fish leather belongs to the master from Ingushetia -
Akhmed Shadiev. His products are popular in Canada, China, Chile, all over Europe.
8 The Place Where Cars For Country Leaders Were Made

The Place Where Cars For Country Leaders Were Made

We are about to visit the shop where they make executive class cars, and we are going to do it illegally. It's one of the shops of the
factory named after I. A. Likhachev. In some areas it looks abandoned nevertheless it still works and remains under guard.
6 Helicopter Crash In Moscow

Helicopter Crash In Moscow

A helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator" crashed in Zhulebino, Moscow, just yesterday. Watch the
videos inside the post. It is already known that two persons suffered in the accident.

4 Military And Transport Plane An 70

Military And Transport Plane An 70

An-70 is a medium range cargo plane (military and transport one) of the new generation designed by the aviation technological complex
"Antonov". The plane is intended to replace the technically obsolete An-12. The first flight was performed by An-70 in 1994.
8 Happy Soviet Children

Happy Soviet Children

This is a very interesting historic material. This album that glorifies Soviet power and the politics of Stalin was published in 1947, two years after the war. The pictures
illustrate life of Soviet children from the moment their birth. They are all happy and smiling. Of course! They were born in the country of wonderful communist future!

1 Boiling Lava of Tolbachik

Boiling Lava of Tolbachik

Some more wonderful images of the
erupting Tolbachik volcano in Kamchatka.

1 Russian Guns On the Finnish Land

Russian Guns On the Finnish Land

Russian guns (and not only) in the bastion
fortification system Suomenlinna near Helsinki,
3 Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics

Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics

The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow is quite an interesiting place. Even if you have never been to the
Russian capital and do not plan to go there in the nearest future you may visit the place inside the post.

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