1 thought on “Firefighters Rescue Kitty”

  1. This is a pumper truck. These trucks have no ladders to reach such heights. Their sole purpose is to pump water. So they used what they had. They are not professional animal handlers. If I was in their shoes I would think about safety of my crew before I send anybody up that tree to save a cat. cats have been climbing trees and presumably getting down from them for millions of years without the intervention of fire departments. What seems more likely is that we now have neurotic cat owners who see their pets climbing trees, leap to the assumption that the cat can’t get down, and figure the answer to all of life’s problems is to call the fire department. I live in New York and if they receive a call for a situation like this where safety of firefighter becomes a concern, they give you three options. They can either hose it down, shake the tree until it falls by itself, or they can grab a chain saw and lop off the section the cat is clinging to.


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