5 One Russian City In Early XXth Century

One Russian City In Early XXth Century

Today we are going to show you some more unique works of a great photographer Prokudin-Gorsky dated early twentieth century. The pictures you can
see below depict the old Russian city of Zlatoust, its suburbs and people. There is a feeling we are losing so much through the years...

0 That Merry Wedding

That Merry Wedding

These wedding pictures were taken some two years in a park of Yekaterinburg, Russia. Nothing
so much special. Just an ordinary Russian wedding and corresponding decorations...

1 Tank Made By Airsoft Players

Tank Made By Airsoft Players

Such a cool tank Abrams M1A1 was made by Russian airsoft players. Inside
the post you may see the process of its creation in photos and videos.

1 Eggs For a Hiker

Eggs For a Hiker

Yes, we are going to cook eggs. And we are going to do it on the fifth
highest point of the Crimea, Ukraine, on the improvised stove.
0 World Largest Radio Telescope

World Largest Radio Telescope

There is an interesting astrophysical observatory in Karachay-Cherkessia that owns the world's largest radio telescope RATAN-600 ("600" - means the diameter - 600 meters), and
the largest in Eurasia reflecting telescope with the main mirror whose diameter is equal to six meters. We thought it could be a nice idea to visit this place.

1 The Album of 1870s

The Album of 1870s

Pictures of Ivan V. Boldyrev are absolutely unique, they have already been arousing undying interest for over a century. The author was working in a quite original manner and managed to feel a situation, to give a
figurative characteristic to one or another scene. He made a significant contribution to the development of photography in the country. The pictures you are about to see below are all dated 1875-1876.
1 Training of Russian Artillery

Training of Russian Artillery

Some pictures of the recent training of Russian artillery
and missile forces of the Eastern military district.
0 Russian Cruiser Goes Through the Panama Canal

Russian Cruiser Goes Through the Panama Canal

This unique video was made during a three-months campaign of a Black Fleet flagship - guided-missile cruiser "Moscow". It was overcoming the first locakge by
means of two special locomotives. Speed of ships may vary on different parts of the Panama Canal but it rarely exceeds 5-6 knots (approximately 10km/h).
4 Just a Morning Way to Work

Just a Morning Way to Work

Just imagine if you normally have such a trip over the river every morning
you go to work. For the citizens of Nadym, Russia, it's a harsh reality.
0 Sky sign?

Sky sign?

It seems that the universe
itself disapproves army service!

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