1 thought on “Russian Ironworks At the Turn of the Century”

  1. Valuable pictures. The Human being never stops amaze me. Where does our wisdom to build and create comes from? Today we sit by a computer made by us and look back on pictures taken by cameras made by us communicating with each other around the globe. Here in the middle of the universe we live on a planet building houses to protect our self from the harsh environment, build factory’s and tools and so on, and now we are building robots and computers that can work for us. Everything we create we pick from the earth. We are made of stardust, the computers are made of stardust and the iron they extracted in those days comes from stardust. Everything bound together of tiny electric charged particles called atoms.
    We cant see, its invisible, but we understand it is there and with our wisdom we can use it.
    And no one can explain how the heck did we turn up here? In the middle of absolute nowhere where nothing should exist at all we are.

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