7 thoughts on “Monster From the Russian River”

  1. horseshoe crab. used to catch and observe them as child on Cape Cod. lots of research being done on them. always thought they were strictly a salt water creature.

  2. Horse Shoe crabs are the oddest things ever.
    Blue blooded, seven eyes (a pair of Compound, median, endoparietal, and rudimentary) and swim upside down.

  3. It may represent a cure for cancer. At least that is why I heard they were researching in this creature’s blueish blood.

    • They are already very useful. Their blood is used by pharmaceutical industry to test for bacterial toxins so they can be sure their products are safe. Actually many of those corporations are paying loads of money into environmental protection just to save natural habitats of those creatures – and to save their business at the same time.

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