9 thoughts on “Motorcycle Vs Car”

  1. I have ridden a bike for 35 years, my new bike is a Z1000, so I am usually sympathetic to motorcyclists.
    But not in this case. The rider is a moron, that was a stupid thing to do.

  2. We didn’t see why riders want to stop driver. If I was driver and some riders try to harass me, I would be afraid and try to get away too. If riders have problem with driver, they should report to police if the driver won’t respond.

  3. There never would have been any problem if the guy on the motorcycle was driving at normal speed. Unless something else happened before (which we ofcourse do not see) I fully understand the reaction of the car. Russian motorcycle drivers are idiots and think that they are god on the road. Well this one got his lesson allright.

  4. very clever that car smashed with the back. in this case, police can fault the motorcycle for not keeping the legal distance 🙂 great!

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