15 thoughts on “Fascism TV?”

  1. Well, homesexualism was illegal in Soviet Union. Does that make Soviet Union fascist?

    Not that I differ, I’m just courious 😉

  2. I suppose political correctness will now say that it is discrimination to ban all other blood types for people with type AB.

    In the US, this is only reason for lifting a ban on donations from a high risk group that currently has soaring rates of HIV and drug use.

  3. The word “Fascist” is losing its effect, as more people see that it is nothing more than an epithet that adherents of the radical left spew in lieu of any actual argument.

  4. It is always politically expedient to disparage those in society that make some uncomfortable. Beyond that, I’m not sure what Russia expects they will gain by this one-sided cultural civil war. It’s morbidly fascinating but sad to watch their affirmation of this needless hatred.

  5. fascism is bad but that is not fascism,
    its hateful homophobia , which is also bad,
    please don’t mix the two evils.
    (i’m against both)


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