8 thoughts on “Northern Capital of Russia In 1983”

  1. Leningrad was always the hidden jewel of Russia…It was a pleasant nice city within a Soviet frame…It remains so today…as St. Petersburg….!!!

  2. leningrad was in a terrible state in 80s, not even speaking about 90s.
    This marvel was just rotting and falling apart, I couldn’t hold tears seing those beautiful buildings dying.
    Thank G-d it’s changing for good now.

  3. Looks pretty much the same today except that there are many more vehicles on the road.

    Nice to see a shot of the cemetery in Piscaryovka on page 5. It’s not something that is on a typical tourist map but is something that everyone who visits St. Petersburg should see. You don’t have to be Russian to be moved by the human cost of war – and most of those in the mass graves were civilians, starved to death during the Blockade.

  4. As soon as I saw the very first photos here, I knew what they were–they were from a tourist postcard set that I bought in Leningrad in 1979.

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