15 Collapse of the New 8 Million Dollars Pool

Collapse of the New 8 Million Dollars Pool

A new building of the swimming pool complex, that is due for putting into service in August 2013, cracked at night in Krasnodar. The water
pressure broke part of the building wall and the fence. The cost of the project - 250 million rubles (about eight million dollars). 
3 When Your Home Is Taiga

When Your Home Is Taiga

What is it like to live deep in taiga far from the noisy world? Little wooden houses, modest utensils,
the mode of life we do not see every day. This is how Khanty people live in remote settlements.
0 Pink All Terrain Vehicle For the Girl

Pink All Terrain Vehicle For the Girl

One girl from Moscow really likes huge pink cars, so she drives along the capital in a
cool all-terrain vehicle TRECOL-39294 that costs approximately 80 thousand dollars.
3 Russian Patrol Robot

Russian Patrol Robot

Russian company SMP Robotics started production of patrol robots "Tral Patrul 3.1". The autonomous mobile system is intended to patrol and guard objects with large territory, protect
them from foreign objects. It could be used at oil and gas storage objects, warehouses, objects of power industry, coastal and tourist zones, on household plots etc.
0 Hunts for a Hooker, Gets Abducted

Hunts for a Hooker, Gets Abducted

Warning! This video might have a strong language unacceptable to minors! Russian dude tries to get a call girl but as a result rants his way thru the crazy adventure which starts at his native city as a love romance for a call girl, but quickly escalates as a gran scale intergalactic domination conflict resulting in a massive
destruction and an alien death toll. One of the most popular Russian shock cartoon web shows is now available in English too! Got awesome critical acclaim amongst Russian web viewers and a lot of support recently so we decided to feature it as well. Official English fan page of the series is here
3 Family Hobby

Family Hobby

A family from Bryansk, Russia have their own common hobby and small production. They carve amazing wooden pictures and make other things from wood.
Most of the pictures are 60-90cm in size. Some take months to be carved. The family have about 200 pieces of art in their shop today.
3 Ukrainian Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces

Ukrainian Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces

Some pictures from the museum of strategic
rocket forces in the city of Pervomaisk, Ukraine.
8 Redneck Wedding

Redneck Wedding

Pictures of the awesome wedding with special
atmosphere. And yes, spitting into a trash bin is

6 The Story of One Turret

The Story of One Turret

Tskhinvali, South Ossetia. In August 8, 2008 a group of Russian-Ossetian soldiers brewed up three Georgian tanks. One of
them was practically torn to pieces after the detonation.On the picture above is the place of the explosion.

3 Heavy Military Transport Aircraft Il 76 MD 90A

Heavy Military Transport Aircraft Il 76 MD 90A

Heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A is a deeply modified version of the widely recognized aircraft Il-76MD that was made in Uzbekistan at the Tashkent air transport enterprise named after Chkalov. The enetrprise is currently in a complicated
situation, it has no production and technological perspectives so the destiny of the development program of this aircraft with carrying capacity of 40-50 tons is under threat. Some pictures of the aircraft are inside the post.

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