5 thoughts on “Vacations In the Soviet Crimea”

  1. Could you kindly change back to single pages? Having six pics per page causes a lot of unnecessary clicking, and is very irritating. Thanks.

  2. Who posed these shots?

    It’s like: “Alright everyone, I want you to look bulky and sullen, right? A third of you can look confused, and, you! You in the front? Lounge like your lives depended on it! LOUNGE, DAMN YOU!”


  3. One guy with his tounge out transforms these rather stilted photos. Great photo. And I think the poses of the T-Rex’s are somewhat ahead of thinking for those days, much more like we see them now

  4. At the same time period that these photos were taken, a woman on a beach in America wearing a two-piece bathing suit would have been arrested for indecent exposure.

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