6 thoughts on “July 22nd, 1941”

  1. Very interesting, they have nice vehicles from the war.
    The VW166 Schwimmwagen for example. They are very rare and expensive.
    Greetings from Austria

  2. Thanks for these and all other photos. Here in the US we have reenactments of our civil war and revolutionary war but not WWII. Of course we didn’t suffer as the USSR did in those days.

    Re: Next Page.
    I don’t mind it. It seems the many photos take forever to load without it.

    Re: Captions.
    You need an English native speaker to do captions. Much of the time they make little sense to English speakers.

    Either way, keep up the good work. I am 76 years old and in my youth we were only allowed to see military parades and babushkas sweeping the streets. It is nice to gradually learn what really went on in those days in the everyday life of Russians

  3. In fact it was June 22 1941.
    Second World War started September 1 1939, after Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. That day III Reich attaked Poland, and September 17 – USSR attaked Est Part of Ponad. Two empires of Satan achived the common long border. It was very “usefull” two years later.

  4. Good re-enactment. Some of that equipment would never be seen in the West. I wonder where they got the Kubelwagon?


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