5 thoughts on “Crazy Stuff Every Day”

  1. Na,not clicking on any more pages. Put the pictures on one page and if it is slow to load up,so be it, I would prefer that to clicking on ten or more pages to see a few pics on each page.

    • It has nothing to do with slower loads. Can you see it about showing more advertisements. But this is too much splinting pictures between 1-3 page should be the limit.

  2. Please ignore ALL the selfish idiots who seem to have nothing better to do than wait for pics to load on a single page.

    The new format with the pics is superb, and gives readers the choice of spending time waiting for them to arrive, or skipping to the next post.

    Thank you for the change.

    Maybe you could put another couple of pics on a page, so that there are less pages.

    Maybe their overworked and tired fingers could cope with that 🙂


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