2 thoughts on “Railway Construction In 1892”

  1. Wow, so many clueless people here.
    The work was done very badly. Favoring speed of construction, everything such as safety and quality was omitted.
    The workers werent skilled, actually they were either conscripts / criminals who worked for decreased length of punishment. The only skilled labor would occasionally strike as the wages were so low.

    During construction, the railways that were built with cast IRON instead of more durable methods would constantly derail / wreck trains. Work slowed down to a halt due to lack of machines and the fact that everything was done by hand due to budget constraints (no explosives etc).
    Surveys werent done for large parts of the railway to save money (hence, why they are building in the swamps without proper groundwork).

    Ironically, the Tsar who ordered this to be built as fast as possibly with the least amount of money DIED in a de-railing accident because of his own shoddy work.

    The trans-siberian is largely the cause of the economic collapse of the russian empire with the revolution to follow up.

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