1 Saint Petersburg: As If On the Palm

Saint Petersburg: As If On the Palm

We are about to fly on a Mi-8 helicopter over Saint-Petersburg now to
see the city as a huge carpet consisting of small elements.
1 Mountaneering Caucasus of the 70s

Mountaneering Caucasus of the 70s

Some pictures of those who were climbing
the Caucasian mountains in the 1970s.
2 Unusual Church That Was Used As Boiler House And Pub

Unusual Church That Was Used As Boiler House And Pub

Eighty kilometers away from Kharkiv, Ukraine, there is a church of very unusual architecture which was built in 1913 by one Ukrainian sugar tycoon. At that time sugar was as precious as oil today so the tycoon built not only the church but also a
park of 48 hectares which surrounds it. In the Soviet time the church was repurposed in many different ways: it was used as a pub, coal storage, even as a boiler room! While the park was used as ... a sanatorium for TB patients!
7 Underground Submarine Base of the Cold War

Underground Submarine Base of the Cold War

This post is about one of the most grandiose structures of the Cold war built in the middle of the XXth century - the underground complex for submarines repair in Balaklava, Ukraine. It consists of of the repair base itself and a central base for nuclear weapons storage. For more than forty years the complex had been ready for self-sufficient existance and could accomodate all the population of Balaklava. However when Ukraine separated from the USSR they gave up on the complex, it became simply unneeded. In the
period from 1993 to 2003 it was being plundered, its stuctures - dismantled. In 2004 a part of complex turned into a museum but nobody had restored it for that. Museum visitors can see a zone around the channel which goes through the mountain, some shops and the armoury where torpedoes and nuclear warheads were kept. Out of the exposition are the bigger part of the channel, mine and torpedo part, generating station with a fuel storage unit and a system of unfinished adits.
5 Vacations In the Soviet Crimea

Vacations In the Soviet Crimea

Faces and places of the Soviet
Crimea - perfect for a good rest.

1 Trial For the Maroon Beret

Trial For the Maroon Beret

Right now you are going to see how a maroon beret can be obtained, what trial a man has to overcome to deserve it. By the way, maroon berets do not give any privileges like higher
salary or promotion. It's just a mark of distinction for soldiers of special units. This year in the Karaganda region only 8 out of 65 have successfully passed the test.
1 Old Pictures of the Russian Village

Old Pictures of the Russian Village

Some color photos of an old Russian village
called Nyrob taken not earlier than 1912.

3 Hard Landing of An 2

Hard Landing of An 2

The reason for the hard touchdown was an engine malfunction, and then a collision with some trees. There were
nine people on board, five people were injured but luckily nobody was killed! The accident happened near Khabarovsk, Russia.

4 So Versatile Space

So Versatile Space

In the end of June there was held an interesting exhibition in the Art Museum of Moscow. It displayed unique photographs of the
Russian cosmonautics, everyday life of cosmonauts in space. Some photos of the exhibition can be seen inside this post.
1 Nice Kremlin of Rostov

Nice Kremlin of Rostov

Rostov Kremlin is one of the most beautiful historic constructions in Russia. It was built in the seventeenth century as a residence for a
metropolitan. A century later the metropolitan moved to Yaroslavl and they planned to demolish the kremlin but the locals stood up for it.

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