17 thoughts on “Female Face of the War”

  1. Death often came more slowly and horribly to women in the Vietnam war. Often they were raped and then bayoneted. Sometimes bayonets were shoved up their vaginas. I suspect it was the same back then.

  2. So, only the most homely of woman were fighting? Most of these would be quite safe from molestations if captured.

    • Most likely a Stereoscopic measuring device.
      When you look into it you get two different Pictures (one form each Eye). Then you turn a knob until the mesh into one at that time you call out the distance reading from the scale. Used to aim all sorts of artillery-pieces from granade-launchers to Anti-Aircraft artillery…
      (The size of the thing would indicate anti-Aircraft use)

  3. Just seeing these ladies should have compelled the Germans to make love, not war:


  4. War is always portrayed as noble, but the truth is that the small people die while politicians and bankers grow wealthy no matter who wins or looses.

    • yup, thats what i was goin to say, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, one of the best sniper of the red army and maybe in the world….glory to her….

  5. A lot are girls, young ladies and meaning no disrespect to them. It just brings home youth and how it is lost, great pix.

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