2 After the Hailstorm

After the Hailstorm

Hundreds of roofs have been destroyed by hailstorm in Pogarsky district of the Bryansk region, Russia. Crops have seriously suffered too,
trees were left leafless. Just look at these photos and see what aftermath has been brought by the fifteen minutes of the hailstorm.
2 Two Trams, One Car

Two Trams, One Car

We used to think that trams are always
right, but this driver does not think so...
7 The Biggest Mosque of Central Asia

The Biggest Mosque of Central Asia

"Hazrat Sultan" is the mosque in Astana, Kazakhstan, the biggest mosque in Central Asia. One can
enter the mosque barefoot and shoot interiors as much as he or she wants but with no flash.

1 Fire In the Institute

Fire In the Institute

There was a fire in the State Technological Institute of St. Petersburg this night. The fire
spread for 2000 meters in the attic area. One of the central turrets has finally collapsed.
6 Final Days of Helicopters

Final Days of Helicopters

For Russia it was the year of losing much in aviation. The great exposition was destroyed on Khodynka, the air force academy in Monino was closed,
the training base on Medvezhye (Bear) Lakes have been also liquidated. These lakes are the very place we are going to visit right now.
0 Why Does Traffic Move So Slow?

Why Does Traffic Move So Slow?

Driving somewhere in the tail of the traffic jam
you can only suppose why cars move so slow...

0 Mi 10 Helicopter In Detail

Mi 10 Helicopter In Detail

We are at the museum of Monino, the Moscow region to see the legendary Mi-10 helicopter close. Unfortunately Mi-10 do not fly in Russia anymore though one vehicle can still fly up in the air but it deserves a separate
post... Mi-10 is a further development of Mi-6, a military utility helicopter. It was designed in 1961-64, put into service in 1963. The helicopter was serially made by the Rostov helicopter factory.
0 Power Station Building In the Soviet Times

Power Station Building In the Soviet Times

You are about to see some old photographs of the Kashira SRPS
(state regional power station) being built in the Soviet times.
0 Wicked Class Photos

Wicked Class Photos

A wave of wicked end of the year class photos is going thru Russian schools, with even old lady teachers
participating in those pranks. Here are two examples fresh out of the schools. Click for full sizes. Facepalm!
2 Lots of Money Seized

Lots of Money Seized

  The guy working at some road repair department of a local district government, not even in Moscow, somewhere far deep in Russia got his house searched and lot of money stacked in
bags in his garage were found. Around 140 million stacked in bags in a garage, in hard cash. p.s. People ask how much in real money is this? It's around five million dollars.

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