Wardrobe Malfunctions


Please be aware on what are you buying when you are buying a fur coat or you can end up like this Russian lady walking around in her new coat apparently made out of the rear-most parts of the animals and she seems even don’t realize it. It’s not clear though if those have holes left in tact or were covered from inside.


Another wardrobe malfunction can be seen here while riding a bus – people are often too lazy to be creative in the cloths so they just follow some good example they have seen around. When there are a lot of those gather in one place they can look like kind of clones of each other.

13 thoughts on “Wardrobe Malfunctions”

  1. Awwww come on now and be nice even for ER this is hitting below the belt. If you want to know the truth this picture of three young women that are at a very healthy BMI is not possible in the west. My first thought was OMG they are healthy and not overweight. So you see the fact that they look alike was an afterthought. Obesity is to the west as alcohol overuse is to the east.

  2. what is the relationship between german and the usa?
    please dont delete my comments thanks!

  3. this site is getting worse what happened to the interesting stuff that we used to be able to view ?? so much crap now its hardly worth visiting !

    anyway I dont think that 3 different people wearing similar clothes is a “Wardrobe malfunction ” oh yeah I know english isnt the first language here but come on get a better translator !

  4. seems 2nd picture not coming from russia. 3rd red letter (on the right side of picture) not exists in russian alphabet, it could be ukrainian bus

  5. Im sorry but that is not the ass. The red @ white part is the fox belly. Whoever made the coat just did a bad job on the seams.


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